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The 'Feel Good' Philosophy

At  Virtuous, our philosophy is simple: you should feel good about your insurance.

When people buy insurance, they are really buying two things. One is a financial safety net. The other is peace of mind. A lot of people don't fully understand insurance, they just know they need it. Sometimes it's hard to be sure if you purchased too much coverage, not enough, or whether you missed the boat completely. If your insurance policies don't give you that 'feel good' feeling, then you're only getting half the value that the right insurance should and can provide. Our team is committed to getting you there. Reach out to us today and discover the difference for yourself.

Celina - Full 2 - cropped_edited_edited.

Celina Thomas, Broker

*There is no fee for using our services and no upcharge on the products you purchase. The pricing is the same as if you purchased directly from the insurance company itself. Commissions are paid by the insurance carriers. 



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